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Cosmetic Dermatology

PDO Thread Lift

The gold standard procedure for facial rejuvenation is the facelift. However, many patients fear the surgery, the risks of anesthesia, the pain, recovery, and scarring. In addition, the surgery is expensive, and may be unaffordable for some; and there are additional costs associated with the surgery.

The thread lift is the minimally invasive, safe and effective procedure to lift loose skin, jowls and flattened cheeks without the cost, pain, recovery, risks and fears associated with a surgical facelift.  A thread lift delivers instant facial rejuvenation without the downsides or costs of cosmetic surgery. While a thread lift is not a substitute for a facelift, it is a great alternative for patients who aren’t ready for a surgical procedure or don’t want invasive surgery. 

What is a thread lift?

The thread lift procedure uses temporary sutures to create a visible but subtle lift. The threads are small, barbed and dissolvable. They are passed underneath the skin using a large needle. The barbs hold the skin in place under the surface to lift and suspend the skin for a more youthful appearance. The threads are so small that most people can’t see or feel them once the skin has healed. There are no incisions, and the procedure is accomplished with only local anesthesia.

How does a thread lift work?

The threads provoke a healing response stimulating the production and deposition of large amounts of collagen in the treated areas for longer lasting results. Collagen is a structural support for the skin to keep it supple yet firm and adds volume. As the threads dissolve over the course of about six months, the new collagen lifts and volumizes the treated areas.

What areas can be treated?

While many patients seek a thread lift for face and neck rejuvenation, a thread lift can help elevate crepey skin on the upper arms, thighs, breasts, and around the knees and abdomen. A thread lift can also help to smooth contour irregularities. 

The results

In the hands of an expert, Dr. Camp’s artistic eye and vast experience in cosmetic enhancement, he can restore the V-shaped face that is the hallmark of youth by lifting and repositioning the skin.  Results are almost immediate and improve as new collagen is formed. Full results are visible by three months.

What are PDO threads?

PDO is short for polydioxanone. PDO threads are absorbable suspension sutures. These are superior to older options and if needed, can be easily removed without complications or damage.

What are the risks?

There are few risks including the risk of infection, irritation and having the threads become visible. The threads can be removed if necessary, but removal can cause swelling, bruising, and pain.

What is the recovery after a thread lift?

Patients may be sore and swollen but can return to work and home routines within a day, and do not need strong pain medications. Icing the treated areas can help reduce swelling. Avoid strenuous activity for several days, keep the head elevated, and avoid vigorous rubbing when washing the face and applying moisturizer for at least one week.

Who is a good candidate?

The best candidate is someone in their late thirties to early fifties who has minimal signs of aging including mild jowling, sagging brows, cheeks, and neck, and desires to restore a more youthful appearance. A thread lift is an alternative to a facelift for older patients who are not good candidates for a facelift due to medical reason, don’t want a surgical procedure, and to touch up a previous facelift or neck lift.

How long do the results last?

The effect usually last for a year. However, a thread lift can be enhanced with dermal fillers that stimulate collagen production. When the results begin to fade, the patient can have new temporary sutures placed.

The thread lift can be combined with other procedure such as Ultherapy. Ultherapy uses pulses of ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production and can maximize your results. When aging skin needs refreshing, a thread lift can be combined with laser skin resurfacing. Combining a thread lift with other nonsurgical treatments can provide significant improvements in your appearance.

Contact Dr. William Camp at Lucent Dermatology in Beachwood, Ohio to schedule a consultation and learn about all your options for anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement.

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