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Cosmetic Dermatology

Which neurotoxin is right for me?

Neurotoxins, also called wrinkle relaxers, are well-established aesthetic treatments for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. They are the leading nonsurgical procedure worldwide because they are quick, safe, relatively painless, and provide almost immediate results. What are neurotoxins? Currently there are five...read more

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Coronavirus Announcement & Updates

Lucent Dermatology would like you to know that we are taking all necessary measures to protect our patients and staff from the spread of the Coronavirus. Our offices remain open during our regular business hours. We’re also offering Virtual...read more

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Welcome to our new patient focused website!

Lucent Dermatology is one of the leading providers of dermatology in Beachwood, OH. Lucent Dermatology’s mission is to provide comprehensive dermatology care. We specialize in medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology. Part of accomplishing that mission is ensuring...read more

Skin Cancer

10 Sun protection tips for runners

Alexandra Zhang, MD, William L. Camp, MD Lucent Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center Both chronic accumulative and intermittent high intensity ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause damage to the skin and increase the risks of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers...read more

Cosmetic Dermatology

Lasers and how do they work?

Many patients are interested in laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, treatment of brown spots, treatment of acne, treatment of blood vessels, and scars among other concerns. There are many lasers from many manufacturers of different wavelengths but what does...read more

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer: Facts to know

Skin cancer is becoming more and more prevalent in recent years. It is important to know what to look for and the facts to protect ourselves from these conditions and to know when to seek the advice of a...read more

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